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You will be immersed in knowledge of quantum physics, neuroscience and the ways in which you can use these tools to create the life of your dreams. Dr. Larry breaks down his scientific knowledge and spiritual understanding into comprehensive learning sessions.


Having studied at Harvard, and also studied under one of the world’s most impactful spiritual teachers, Dr. Larry has extensive knowledge not only of modern science, but also of the Vedic Tradition, as well as intuitive understandings and perceptions that combine the science and the spiritual. His seeking has led him to the most comprehensive body of spiritual work of the 21st Century — and the science to prove it. Now it is yours to learn.


Multiple Group Learning Sessions

Are you looking for ways to create miracles in your live – in your relationships, career, life purpose, spiritual development, emotional and physical well-being, and life as a whole – to resolve trauma and conflict in your life and eliminate the roadblocks to your success?  The Science of Creating Miracles Techniques you’ll learn and practice on this retreat will help you to accomplish just that.

Our brain was designed for achieving the highest human experiences naturally and effortlessly — the most profound and intense mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences.

Dr. Larry will teach you to search within, discover and unfold the experiences you have been looking for. 

Participants have extolled the deep peace and profound revelations they have experienced through the immersive techniques learned during this retreat. If you are seeking a major transformation, illumination, and transmutation in your life – or simply looking for practical techniques to enhance your success and happiness.

World Class Techniques

What is personal development without a way to integrate it into our daily lives? Throughout the retreat we will be participating in genuine and natural play.  potential of your brain
Learn to create miracles  – extraordinary outcomes at will
Eliminate the blocks to success: achieve peak performance.


Playful Integration

  • Personal guidance from Dr. Larry Farwell, the World’s Leading Expert in the Science of Creating Miracles

  • Based on his #1 bestselling book: The Science of Creating Miracles: Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Living the Life of Your Dreams.

  • World-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Farwell -- selected by TIME magazine to the TIME 100 Top Innovators of the Century.

  • Scientifically proven techniques to create success and happiness.

  • Manifest the life of your dreams with scientifically proven techniques

  • Use neuroscience to express the full potential of your brain

  • Learn to create miracles  – extraordinary outcomes at will

  • Eliminate the blocks to success: achieve peak performance

Here’s What You’ll Experience

What You Can Expect...

Dr. Larry Farwell is the world’s leading expert on
The Science of Creating Miracles.

Through his studies of both spiritual and scientific work, he has created his own miracles. He was the first person to create a brain-computer interface to communicate directly from the brain to a computer, so that paralyzed people could operate a computer and speak through a speech synthesizer. He invented Brain Fingerprinting.


Having worked with world leaders, including the President of the United States, the FBI, the CIA, and the US Navy, Dr. Farwell has changed lives throughout the world. He has been featured on CBS News, ABC News, CNN, CBS 60 Minutes, BBC, the Discovery Channel, TIME magazine, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and news media throughout the world.


He is dedicated to teaching people how to create miracles in their own lives through neuroscience, quantum physics, and his unique, groundbreaking, scientifically proven techniques for creating health, wealth, wisdom, and happiness in life.

Now he wants to teach you!

~ Dr. Larry Farwell

The intellect shouts.

The emotions scream.

The intuition whispers.

The Science of Creating Miracles

Miracle Mind Retreats

Best- selling author, Harvard-trained neuroscientist, inventor of the first brain-computer interface and Brain Fingerprinting, and the world’s leading expert on the Science of Creating Miracles.

Dr. Larry Farwell weaves together neuroscience, quantum physics, and practical techniques to create the health, wealth, wisdom, and happiness you have always dreamed of living.

Intuition for You
Supermodel and Well-Being Expert
Joy Vanichkul
August 22 - 25 in Los Angeles, CA

The Science of Creating Miracles

Miracle Mind Retreats

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